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Aloe vera, everyone is talking about it. I can assure you natural hair lovers, that it is worth the hype!

The day I discovered that a slice of aloe vera gel can do wonders for my hair, it felt like hair orgasm. No exaggeration! I remembered sitting in front of that mirror dumbfounded, because wow! I cannot believe this magic.

The battle with my hair can get real, I tell you. Sometimes it stresses me out so much, I just want to cry. A full-blown meltdown.

I have always had natural full hair with little knowledge on how to take care of it.

Of course, it’s easier to control when permed with relaxers, and the straightener make the hair super smooth or curly. Easy to comb through, but underneath the charm of relaxers and straighteners. Truth is, my hair is getting damaged.

So in 2016, I started a natural hair journey. The major reason is because, in January, I installed dreads and four months later the hair stylist that took out the dreads, redesigned the formation of my hair! Sigh.

I’m so emotional right now, just thinking about that incident. But that’s a story for another time.

Anyway, that’s what triggered my natural hair journey. But the ride can get bumping, if you don’t know what you’re doing.

• what hair products to use
• how to use specific hair products
• what your hair type is
• the texture and porosity of your hair
• what methods work best for your hair type

These can overwhelm someone who takes that step into the world of the naturals.

Even for someone who’s been on the journey for a while, it still gets bumping from time to time; because your hair just wants to fight with you. It has moods.

But in all of its overwhelming moods, aloe vera can save you from the stress.

First, this is what Aloe vera plant looks like…

If you live in Nigeria, you can buy from local markets. But it’s on Amazon for everyone to buy.

You should start buying this plant, and I’m about to let you know why

Note: what we need is the gel inside of the aloe vera plant! That’s all the magic right there. The Aloe Vera gel.

Now let’s get into that amazing hair benefits of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera gel as hair moisturizer: it softens coarse natural hair and leaves it hydrated. No matter how difficult you think your hair is to comb through, aloe vera gel will soften it in seconds. Aloe Vera is 96% of organic water that has proteins and vitamin A, B, C and E. So it’s feeding your hair much needed nutrients while keeping it hydrated.

How can you not love that? If it softens my hair and makes my Pre-poo day easier, I’ll try it out.

Aloe Vera gel as a leave-in conditioner: allowing your hair to soak in the gel and its nutrients helps in repairing weak hair strands and strengthen your hair, giving you a healthier scalp. It still leaves your hair looking shiny and gives it a smooth feel.

A quick tip: you can use aloe vera gel to lay your edges. I know I do, and it looks good.

Aloe Vera gel as hair cleanser: if you have oily hair or it’s wash day and your hair has lots of products buildup in it, aloe vera gel actually gets into every hair strand with no damages. It will clean every part of your scalp to tip of hair, making that wash day process faster.

Aloe Vera gel promotes hair growth: it has vitamins B12 and folic acid components that prevent hair breakage. Which is important if you want to keep hair length. We don’t want your hair falling out and breaking so much, that’s not good for hair growth.

Dandruff affects hair growth as well, and aloe vera gel helps remove dandruff and ease itchy scalps. Helping you keep a healthy scalp so your natural hair can flourish.

So try using aloe vera gel today and feel it’s magic. You can always come back and let us know in the comment section – how it feels using aloe vera gel

I love aloe vera plant so much that I am growing my own at home. It’s growing, it’s healthy, and I love it.

Do subscribe below if you want tips on how to nurture your own aloe vera plant at home. I will be happy to take you through the process step by step.


By: Vanessa Omena

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