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No matter how you end up on a date, there will always be two sides to it. Either you are getting great moments out of it that can lead to something worth it or you are getting hell, and online dating is no exception. It comes with its advantages as well as its disadvantages.

In this article, we will be highlighting some pros and cons of dating online through dating websites and dating apps.

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What is Online Dating?
Online dating is a way of connecting with strangers on the internet through dating websites and dating apps with the intent of starting a relationship. Occasionally, it is possible to build good friendships (outside of the dating websites).

These dating apps and websites are designed for individuals looking for relationships. In some cases, casual flings.

Wikipedia defines online dating (or Internet dating) as a system that enables people to find and introduce themselves to potential connections over the internet, usually with the goal of developing personal, romantic, or sexual relationships.

Dating online can be an amazing experience for some people and a total nightmare for some others.

Pros of Online Dating
Now that we know what online dating is, let’s identify some advantages of dating on the internet.

• Unlike blind date, online dating gives you a chance of knowing few details about a person before meeting (if it gets to the meeting in person stage). Honestly, this is a great of advantage for both parties involved. This way, you have an idea of what and what not to expect from your date.

Also, you can decide not to meet up in person at all if you are not feeling the vibe; which brings us to the second advantage of internet dating.

• Filter! Filter! Filter!

Yes, you can filter as much as you want until you find a match you feel comfortable enough to take a next step with.

Let’s face it, it is exhausting going out on dates after dates after dates, not knowing if any of these have the potential of flourishing into something good. But, when you are online dating, you can just stay in the comfort of your phone – doing your regular home routines while swiping until you find that one for you.

• You will always find a match! No, really, you will!

These dating websites and dating apps are designed in a way that each subscriber gets to meet ‘ideal’ partners.

When you sign up on a dating platform, there are questions that are required of you to answer–basically asking to know you better and the kind of person you would like to engage in conversations with.

With such information, the online dating platforms will recommend individuals on the platforms as well, with features that you like. This way, you have a better opportunity in finding that match.

Cons of Online Dating
As exciting as dating through the internet is, it has the not so great sides attached to it. Like every other thing in life, finding love or flings at online dating websites and dating apps is not perfect.

So here are a few things to be aware of, if you decide to go down this road

• Pictures can lie! Sometimes, what you get on a date might differ from what you’ve been seeing as their profile pictures. There are a lot of photos editing apps right now that are used in shaping a picture into what is perceived as perfection. After so much editing, some of these pictures look nothing like the persons in reality.

That is one thing to be aware of on these dating platforms. There are situations whereas a person can use the photo of someone else as profile pictures and show up to dates as a totally different human.


• As expected with anything involving the internet, there are scammers on these dating platforms. From impersonation to robbing you of your money. It is very easy to fill in unverified information when signing up on an online dating website.

These online dating sites do not stress that much into the verification of information. Majority of dating sites are free and easy to sign up on. Be careful out there, so you don’t be a fish in the net of these scammers.

We want love, and flings maybe, but definitely not scammers!

• It is nice to pick partners based on features you specifically like and filled in, but there is a con side to this. In life, sometimes what we like and really want might not be what we need. And if you are exploring the dating world through the internet with the intention of finding a romantic partner, then it is important to know the difference between want and need.

Also, because partner suggestions are highly based on the information and features that are selected by users; people tend to miss great individuals that might not have specific features but would make great partners.

• Always be on alert when conversing with persons on dating platforms. The reason being that there are many people on these dating platforms; there is a high chance of being carried away by appearances and internet vibes that you neglect the red flags in a person.

There you have it, pros and cons of online dating world. It is exciting, scary, and fun. If you are an adventurous person, go for it! If you are a curious person, go for it! And if you are someone that just wants an easier, less expensive way of dating and finding that one–go for it!

I will be over here cheering you on always.

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