Top 5 Online Dating Websites and Dating Apps to Explore

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Online dating is most definitely the easiest and less expensive means of dating. What is more attractive than meeting with potential love interests from the comfort of your home? Connecting with people at your own pace and having multiple profiles to choose from? All you need is a dating site. And I’m here to give you top 5 online dating websites and dating apps to explore!

Before we explore these dating sites, it will be helpful to read my blog post on the Pros and Cons of Online Dating World. It is important to have a bit of insight on online dating before getting on internet dating websites and downloading the dating apps.

Alright, on to today’s article–time to explore the top 5 online dating websites and dating apps.


If you are in your early 20s to mid-30s, this is the dating website for you. It is full of young and vibrant personalities, super trendy, free to sign up. Although the site has paid features as well; it isn’t entirely a necessity. OkCupid is one of the topmost affordable online dating website on the internet. The Okcupid dating app is also available for download on android and iPhone.


Looking for something more than a fling? eHarmony is the dating site for you! It is a paid dating website with monthly subscriptions and quite on the top side, but this comes with the benefit of knowing you will connect with more serious minded individuals looking for stable serious relationships. Eharmony is on a league of its own, one of the most trusted internet dating website and definitely worth the money.


One of the most popular dating apps on the internet, almost everyone exploring the online dating world at some point downloaded tinder. This is probably the best online dating app for hook-ups and flings. Tinder app is available for android and iPhone users, free to download and easy to sign up on.


A top dating website for singles over 50years, silversingles is one of the most popular online dating websites for individuals in search of matured and serious relationships with persons over 50. It is quite a trusted site in the internet dating world and comes with paid features.


A millennial online dating app with fewer matches compared to tinder, but the matches are much better. With hinge dating app, you might not have so much variety to choose from, so patience is vital here. However, it is not an internet dating app for just flings–you have time to find love. And not just finding love with complete strangers, hinge dating app matches you with individuals connected to on social media.

Online Dating Websites and dating apps

There are so much more online dating websites and dating apps out there with unique features that you can explore. No matter the age range, religion or race, there are dating apps for everyone!

And as you explore the online dating world, always remember to stay safe. Also, remember the Pros and Cons of Online Dating.

I hope you love this article and find it useful. I will be here cheering you on as you find the dating websites and dating apps that work best for you.

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