Writing & Proofreading

If you’re looking to hire a writer for your blog, website, magazine or an editor to proofread your work, I’d be delighted to work with you. With years of experience in SEO writing, editing, and freelancing, I know togther we can create your desired articles.

My areas of expertise in writing are:

  • love, sex, relationship
  • arts & entertainment
  • metropolitan / lifestyle
  • fitness & wellness
  • fashion & beauty

If you have questions or would love to discuss more, feel free to click the contact button below

Content Creating

Would you be interested in adding fresh and exciting contents to your:

  • podcast?
  • youtube channel?
  • internet radio?
  • shows (online/TV)?
  • art events?

Or do you already have an idea that you would like to broaden?

Then connect with me, I’d would love to run through engaging ideas with you and find the perfect fit for your audience!

Click the contact button below for more inquiries, I’ll answer whatever questions you may have. Let’s create magic together

Branding & Social Media PR

Be it an individual or organization, a lot goes into marketing an image you want to sell to the public as your brand identity. We are talking:

  • content creating
  • email marketing
  • facebook/instagram ad designing
  • online presence and consistency
  • graphic designing
  • target marketing
  • influencer marketing, and much more

The Brand is a representation of what you are, if not strategically thought through and executed, it can have negative impact on your business.

Why is branding so important, and what do social media have to do with it? You may be wondering…

Truth is, we’re living in a social media era where visual sells more than ever!

That’s what the customers are consuming consciously and subconsciously. And that exactly is what you as a brand or organization should take advantage of; and exactly what I will do for you.

So contact me below, let’s talk your business & image building. We can do so much with social media, and take that marketing to the next level with how your brand represents your product.

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